What is Surfing?

Well, in a layman term, surfing can be defined as a water sport wherein the person that wishes to surf makes use of a surf board to travel on the surface of an ocean wave that is breaking.

While these waves are referred to as ‘surfs’, people engaged in these activities are referred to as ‘surfers’.

The Origin of Surfing Surfing has always been a popular sport ever since it was first tried out. It was known to have played a pivotal role in the customs of Polynesian’s and is known to have existed even before they came in contact with the Europeans. A testimony to this fact can be drawn from the cave paintings that can be traced back to some 3,000 back. According to observers, surfing must have been practiced in islands like Tonga, Tahiti, and Samoa. It is also believed that residents of other neighboring islands were also familiar with it. Surfing was never regarded as a sport in the olden days. It was more of a leisure activity and was also considered to be an art form. In ancient Hawaii, for example, surfers would pray to god to provide them with protection and strength so that they could withstand strong breeze and ocean currents.

However, only the ruling class and the chief were allowed to surf. Commoners, however, were not allowed to surf on the same beach. They could surf only after their surfing skills were made known to all. The trees that were made use of in constructing the boards were koa, wikiwili and ‘ulu. The earliest forms of these boards had no fins on them and it thus required great skills to maneuver them. During 1820s, missionaries had their way in abolishing many Polynesian practices. Surfing was notably one of them. It was only at the turn of the century that few handful Hawaiians started surfing and building surf boards. Surfing, by now, had started to expand in North America and Australia. In 1908, George Freeth, a Hawaiian officially introduced surfing culture to Californians. In 1915, this water sport made its foray in Australia and thereby catching the worldwide attention towards it.

Ever since then, tremendous development has taken place in segments like surfboards. Endless possibilities in surfing techniques have also been explored. It was in 1950s that the modern surfing culture started taking its shape. It was popularized by beach boys and then numerous surfing competitions that took place simultaneously on beach fronts played its role in getting the sport its due recognition. Surfboards that are seen today are totally different to what it used to look like many years ago. The materials used in making these boards have undergone a transformation.

Numerous designs have also been incorporated in these boards to make it look funkier than ever before. All these changes and more have, in a way, managed to increase the surfers control over their movement on the water. It has thus been a wonderful journey for this great water sport that spanned across several centuries to live what it is today.

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